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About us

Inter-Tech Technical School takes pride in serving the Rio Grande Valley community, and we are excited to change how education is provided nationwide. Re-established in 2017, Inter-Tech is focused on placing the student at the center of every process in the institution. We go about every operation with a simple question in mind, "How can we better serve our students?"

Our healthy obsession to find the deficiencies in education has allowed us to forge an institution that will continue to transform itself in order to better prepare our students with the skills needed for their profession.

With a diverse mindset, balanced with experience and innovation, Inter-Tech promises to face wholeheartedly the challenges of reaching higher education to the students of the RGV community. These problems range from tuition pricing, to actual preparation of career and professionalism. An integral essence of our institution that will allow us to transform to the needs of the students is the sense of family and duty that we see in our culture. By taking our best assets from our social fabric we can utilize our best qualities to transform our students into the professionals of tomorrow.

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Our Team

Director of Finance and Operations

From: Edinburg, TX. 

School Director

From: Edinburg, TX. 

Director of Education

Medical Assistant/Medical Office Specialist Instructor

From: Edinburg, TX. 

Medical Assistant Instructor

From: Mcallen, TX. 

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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